Our windows depict the three ways in which the Holy Spirit enters human hearts and lives – called the “means of grace.” Our prayer is that everyone who looks at these windows can understand and find spiritual growth in their meaning.
                                 UNIFYING ELEMENTS IN THE WINDOWS
· The Biblical explanation for each window is given by means of straightforward symbols throughout and plain English Bible passages at the bottom of each medallion.  In each window, leaded lines curve on both sides of the circular medallion. In this graceful shape some see the eye of God, while others perceive the ancient Christian symbol of the fish. Because it is a core teaching of the Christian church, the empty cross (symbolizing both the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus) has been given entral place in each window.
Installed in July, 2005, the windows were executed by Othon Art Glass Company
of Orangevale, California. To God alone be glory!

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